The Tionchar Tales Series

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Scales of Justice
Tionchar Tales, Book One

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The Tionchar is an elite group of shapeshifters from the planet Theria who work for the Crown as secret operatives in several dimensions, including Earth. At the behest of the Crown, the Tionchar seek to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to guide humans towards a path of peaceful progress.
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Cyndi Zhaleh serves as a member of Tionchar on Earth where she is willing to do everything within her power to advance the Tionchar mandate, even if it costs her life. Cyndi enjoys the simple things, like running her party business (Festive Tails), eating at her favorite restaurant, planning her upcoming wedding and swimming through the ocean in her mermaid form. But when she clashes with a centuries-old evil, her peaceful life is plunged into chaos. Cyndi must use all the resources at her disposal to stop a man who thinks nothing of taking innocent lives to prolong his own.
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The heir to the throne of Cetacea, Cyndi is no stranger to putting the needs of others first but this latest challenge will push her to the edge and beyond as she fulfills her oath to…

Protect the Weak