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Having Awakened to his true nature as King of All Shifters, mounting a Return to Theria to retake the throne from Dimitri and narrowly surviving a desperate attempt to save his Royal parents, Alister must use every resource at his disposal to Reunite the remaining shifters who were left behind on Earth.
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Months have passed since Alister destroyed the false king Dimitri and rescued his Royal parents, using every ounce of his powers as King mixed with his newly developed mastery of magic to pull them back from the brink of death.

While his parents recover from their thirteen-year poisonous comatose state, Alister strives to restore the kingdom to its former glory before Dimitri usurped the throne. In the process, Alister learns of a secret intelligence society that operates in other dimensions—including Earth, on behalf of the King.

When he discovers those intelligence operatives, as well as dozens of other shifters, were left behind on Earth, Alister, along with Shelley, Bernie and a few other members of his Inner Circle organizes a rescue mission.

This isn't as simple as he'd hoped. There is a traitor among the intelligence operatives, one who will stop at nothing to retain the wealth and power he has amassed.

Throw in a psychopathic and homicidal human intent on capturing or killing every shifter, whom he believes are aliens, and Alister's rescue attempt turns into yet another battle to…

Protect the Weak


I'm delighted you've arrived at this website, home to the Dragonborn series.
Awakening, book one, was published in early December 2019. The second book in the series, Return was published on February 17, 2020. It's now available in ebook format on all the major retailers, as well as a signed paperback from me. Please visit the Books menu selection to the left for links and additional information.

The Dragonborn series fulfills my lifelong desire to publish fantasy novels directed towards kids in the nine to twelve age range. Don't be discouraged if you're older than that! I'm sure teenagers and adults young at heart will enjoy the storyline and the characters.

Awakening, Alister thinks he's ending his last middle school year and moving on to high school after summer break. Like most thirteen-year-olds, he's anxious about the change. However, in a matter of days, Alister has completely forgotten his previous trepidation when he discovers he is not the normal human being he thought. And neither are his parents, best friends or his favorite teacher!

Alister awakens to his true nature, that of a shapeshifter dragon, and King of all Shifters on Theria, an Earth-like planet in another dimension.
Awakening chronicles the experiences of Alister and his best friends as they come to grips with not only being shifters from another dimension, but with the roles they must play in restoring Alister to his rightful place as the Dragon King of Theria.

Return continues the story as Alister and his best friends, Shelley and Bernie, step willingly into their calling—to return to Theria to depose the usurper who rules the planet with hatred and oppression. They have few resources and very little time, if Alister is to rescue his royal parents, whom he was told had been murdered thirteen years before. His dreams tell him differently.

Refusing to proceed without proper planning and training, Alister insists that his generals devise a battle strategy that will result in the fewest possible deaths or injuries, on either side of the battlefield. His unbending moral fiber and natural abilities as a leader draw shifters to him who willingly take up his cause.

Reunite, book three in the series, was published April 24, 2020.

I plan to release
Rebellion, book four, in mid-summer. It will reveal the obstacles that Alister and his loyal subjects must overcome to reunite the shifter kingdoms of his world. Alister must learn how to balance caring for his subjects while establishing himself as a strong and fair-minded High King. The monumental task he now faces is to stop a rebellion that is leading towards a cataclysmic battle between warring factions that arose when his royal parents were thought to have been murdered and the throne was overtaken by Dimitri.

It was my goal to create the Alister character as a youth and young adult not only on good terms with his parents, but who actively strives to emulate them in every way, and eventually surpass them. Alister's character is forged from an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong and a desire to eliminate whatever wrongdoing he can—all from a faith-based perspective. That doesn't mean it's smooth sailing for Alister. As with anyone in a position of power, Alister faces some very difficult moral decisions that test his reason, faith and strength as the King of Theria.

I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as I had writing them!

What's next? I haven't decided yet. There may be additional books in the Dragonborn series or I may branch off into something entirely different. All I know is that I'm enjoying the ride and I look forward to creating more characters who are good role models that inspire the young, and worlds that spark the imagination.

—Brett Humphrey