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G.R. Thomas
Australian based author of YA paranormal urban fantasy series, The A’Vean Chronicles, she is an avid reader of mythology, history, and all things paranormal. A collector of pets, G.R. Thomas is also a registered nurse on the side.

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Bruce Spydar
Bruce hails from Cambridgeshire in the UK. Inspired by nature, happy by design… as a late starting author of self-help and fiction, including the whimsical backpacker series, he tries to bring a little extra humour and happiness into the world.

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Wendy Hewlett
A writer of crime fiction featuring strong, empowering female protagonists, although some touch on the supernatural, all are crime fiction. A British born Canadian, Wendy is currently realising her dream of living in her birth city of Edinburgh for a year.

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Ian Hornett
A teacher of young children from Colchester in the UK, this experience plus Ian’s love of humour and all things fantastical has so far resulted in his sci-fi series, The Quarton Trilogy, and a comedy spy novel with an octogenarian agent due out soon.

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Barbara Lennox
Hailing from Scotland, Barbara is currently working on an historical epic trilogy based on the Arthurian Tristan and Isolde legend – but reclaimed for Scotland. She also writes and publishes short stories and poems.

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Shel Calopa
Australian sci-fi/fantasy writer Shel uses futurism as a platform for the issues of gender, discrimination, and abuse of power. When not working at as health projects manager, Shel can be found wrestling with the family husky or gaming with her teenage daughter.


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Julia Blake
A multi-genre author from the East of England, Julia’s books range from contemporary to fantasy to romantic suspense and even to steampunk fairy tale retellings. She is an avid reader and passionate supporter of indie authors, with a love of cats and red wine.

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Beckly Wright
A gothic writer with a passion for history and things that go bump in the night. She loves nothing more than a good ghost story. She lives in the heart of the English Suffolk countryside, with rolling green fields, rural churches - and lots of haunted houses.

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Nicholas Gagnier
Nick hails from Canada where he lives with his daughter and is the author of more than ten fantasy novels, including the critically acclaimed Book of Death fantasy series and the YA fantasy series the Sommerland Chronicles.

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Caroline Noe
London sci-fi and fantasy author Caroline believes that life can be as epic as her books, if you’re brave enough to carry the ring or delve inside the wardrobe. Rain or shine, she’s to be found, camera in hand, exercising her other great love: photography.

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Julie Embleton
A New Adult Fantasy author. Born and raised in Ireland, she lives by the shores of the moody Irish Sea with her amazing daughter and ridiculously cute cats. A champion for indie authors, she is both an avid reader and reviewer.

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