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Have you heard about the adventures of Alister Rex and his friends? This is the best place to get a copy of the first three books (Awakening, Return and Reunite) as a "boxed" ebook set! If you were to purchase the books individually on Amazon, the total for the three books would be $12.97. However, this boxed set, sold exclusively in this store, is priced at $10.99, more than 15% off the retail price of the individual books!

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Having Awakened to his true nature as King of All Shifters, mounting a Return to Theria to retake the throne from Dimitri and narrowly surviving a desperate attempt to save his Royal parents, Alister must use every resource at his disposal to Reunite the remaining shifters who were left behind on Earth.

Two arduous journeys. One physically demanding, the other emotionally exhaustive. The young Dragon King faces both simultaneously and shoulders the burden with the strength and resolve only the King of Shifters can muster.

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I soared high in the night sky in the most realistic dream I'd ever had. At least, I think it was a dream.

Protect the Weak!