Rebellion, Excerpt #5

Rebellion, Excerpt #5


“An’Ceann, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about as well,” I said.

“You don’t say,” he smiled at me.

“My father was surprised you interact with me so directly. He said he’s only had a few face-to-face conversations with you over the centuries.”

An’Ceann lay down on the grass and rolled to his side. Aileene and I sat and leaned against him, basking in his warmth.

“He’s right and he’s wrong,” An’Ceann began. “I’ve had many conversations with Phillip that he doesn’t remember because as he’s grown older, he’s less open to my interference, but I do. Besides, during his reign he hasn’t had to face the challenges you have since learning who you are. Phillip hasn’t done anything wrong; you just understand you need to rely on my strength more than you do your own.”

We were quiet after that as I contemplated what he said. It was so peaceful laying here I wasn’t sure I wanted to get up.

“Was there anything else you wanted to tell us?” Aileene asked, breaking the lengthy silence between us.

“Hmmm,” he purred, “please inform Wu and Hillaes that I wish them the best and know they’ll be happy together.”

With that, he disappeared and Aileene and I fell backwards since our support went away.

“He always does that,” I muttered. “I wish I would have asked him who our enemies were.”

“Do you think he would have told you directly?” Aileene asked.

“No, I suppose not.” I answered and closed my eyes to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine a little longer.

Rebellion, Dragonborn Series, Book 5 will be released no later than September 10, 2020, possibly sooner!

—Brett Humphrey

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