An Author’s Life for Me

I’m enjoying the process of writing the Dragonborn series, I’m 200 pages into Reunite-Dragonborn Book Three, but there is so much more that goes into publishing than I realized. First of all, there is an initial process of writing. For me, I know the direction I want to go in the book, then plot out significant points in the story and work my way towards those points. I do this on a legal pad as well as an ongoing Word document through Google Docs.

After writing the initial draft, I use the grammar and spell-check tool and then print it off to go through the first draft again. Then the document goes to my editor, and he starts the process of going through the manuscript to suggest edits and additions. Once we get the final manuscript, I sent it to the Beta Reader team, and they read it and offer suggestions. After making the suggested changes, it’s time to publish!! And then, the process starts over again.

Currently, I am still promoting Awakening-Dragonborn Book One, promoting Return-Dragonborn Book Two, and writing Reunite-Dragonborn Book Three. It’s a lot of fun and more complicated than I thought it would be.

Until next time-Protect the Weak!

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