Dragonborn Book Four and Beyond

I hope you’ve enjoyed the excerpts of Rebellion on this blog. I like to post book excerpts beginning a few weeks ahead of the release to give readers a little taste of what’s to come. That taste should whet the appetite, not satisfy a savage hunger, and it is sometime difficult to choose an excerpt that piques the readers’ interest just enough without including any spoilers that might ruin the readers’ enjoyment of the book.

Authoring these stories has become my passion. The goal of any published author is to garner more fans with each book release. We rely on social media, word of mouth and traditional advertising to get the word out. But one thing works better than all the rest; reviews! Honest reviews in a public forum by readers carries a lot of influence, and I need your help to maintain the momentum.

Please take a few minutes to leave a review so I can learn what you think about Rebellion, as well as any of the previous books. Naturally, reviews have the biggest impact when posted in a public forum with the widest reach, like Amazon. You can search for any of my books on Amazon and follow the links to post a review. However, even a review in a smaller forum, like my website, will help. On the website, click on Reader Reviews on the menu to see current reviews and a link to write your own.

Rebellion wraps up the first story arc for Alister and his friends. Alister will return in Winter-Dragonborn Book Five at some point but he needs a bit of a break. I’ve put him through a lot since he learned he was a Royal Dragon. But don’t worry, I’m going to write more stories in the Dragonborn Universe and have two new series planned so far, although it is unclear which will debut next.

Tionchar Tales is an urban fantasy series geared more for an adult audience. This series will deal with some darker themes as the shifters on Earth confront human evil in its many guises. You’ll get a chance to see how Cyndi, Brian, Wayne and Josef use their powers to Protect the Weak.

Alternatively, Therian Shapeshifter Academy is intended for children and set on Theria. The main protagonist is ten-year-old Mkali, and the series reveals how she grows into her role as a squire as well as learning how to connect with other shifters her age. Of course, they will have lots of adventures and interact with Bernie, Shelley, Aileene and Alister occasionally.

I started Rebellion on April 13, 2020 and finished on July 23, 2020. What a crazy three-month journey that was. Not only were we dealing with COVOD-19, racial and social injustice, but my wife was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We’re grateful the doctor was able to remove the cancer through DMX surgery and she is 98-99% cured but not everyone with Breast Cancer is so lucky. I pledge to donate a portion of each Rebellion book sold to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. For more information about the good work they do, please visit drsusanloveresearch.org.

I’m grateful for your support as an author and love hearing from you. My contact information is on my website. Visit www.bretthumphreyauthor.com for cool stuff and updates on what’s next in this series, and beyond. While you’re there, I invite you to join my text notification service and sign up for my email distribution list for announcements, random stuff and weekly dragon jokes. Just follow the Stay in Touch link on the menu. I look forward to hearing from you.

I hope Alister and his friends inspire you to make a positive impact in the life of someone you connect with every day. 

Brett Humphrey

August 2020

Protect the Weak!

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