Editing Makes all the Difference

I enjoy writing and get excited when the story is flowing; it’s incredible. I love it when the characters come to life in my head and do things I didn’t expect them to do. It’s a tun of fun to laugh at something I’ve just written the way I hope the reader will laugh. But without proper editing, no one will ever read what I wrote.

I’ve learned that not only does editing make all the difference, having the right editor does too. I can stare at a paragraph and never see the missing letters or improper punctuation because my mind fills in the blanks on what I know I meant to write. It’s quite humorous when my editor circles a missing word, and my mind keeps adding it even when I know it’s not there. Thanks, Joe Scholes, for being a great editor and helping me to be a better writer.

2 thoughts on “Editing Makes all the Difference”

  1. You’re welcome! And thanks for the acknowledgement. What I do can actually be a learned ability, unlike the creative talent of writing fantasy fiction like you do. I enjoy editing for you because I like your stories and characters and because I love the positive role models your characters make for kids (as well as adults).

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to editing Reunite.


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