Excerpt from Return: Dragonborn Book Two


I felt a sudden surge of power coming from the direction of the forest in front of where we were standing. Gasping, my body tingled as if flooded with electricity.

Gustav placed his hand on my shoulder and asked, “What is it, Sire?”

“I’m not sure,” I stammered. “I felt a sudden burst of energy from the forest.”

“Hmmm,” Gustav answered, “I believe it is time to open the gate. Sheldon, it appears the moment you have been waiting for has arrived; they are here.”

Expanding my senses, I followed the surge of power back into the forest and realized it was actually emanating from the dimension where Earth is located.

“All you have to do is open a gate wide enough for your family and friends to walk through,” Gustav said quietly into my ear.

I imagined an opening thirty feet wide midway into the meadow, directly across from where we were standing. The air in front of me shimmered, like heat waves rising from hot asphalt, and I watched the scene in front of us change. Suddenly, I was looking at a line of people that stretched across the open gate, my parents at the front. Bernie’s parents stood next to mine and Shelley’s were on their opposite side. The moment everyone saw us, they cheered and started walking forward.

Over one hundred men, women and children entered through the gate but I kept my eyes fixed on my parents. The last time they saw me, I hadn’t yet transformed into my dragon form or finished growing so I know I looked different to them. But I could tell that it didn’t matter as I looked at their faces. They both looked at me with love and approval and they had wide smiles on their faces. Stavros and Miriam Arktos and Fritz and Frieda Einhorn were looking at Shelley and Bernie the same way. My heart filled with pride as I looked at our families.

“Sire,” Gustav whispered, “the last of our people have made their way from Earth. I suggest you close the gate.”

“Thank you, Gustav,” I said and then concentrated on erasing the gate from the meadow. I was getting better at this and the gate rapidly disappeared.

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