Fierce Protector, Excerpt #5

“Wake up,” an urgent voice startled me awake. I’d been having a pleasant dream about camping with my parents; we were making s’mores by the campfire. The dream was so realistic I could smell the scent of burning wood. I felt a pinch and my eyes flew open and I saw Bastet sitting on my chest, her claws digging into my flesh.

“Ow,” I exclaimed, “that hurt.”

“If you don’t wake up and get everyone out of the house, you’ll be hurt worse than that,” she said.

“You can talk, I knew it,” I exclaimed.

She rolled her eyes and butted me with her head, “You’re usually more alert when you wake up,” she muttered. “Get out of bed and warn the others, the house is on fire.”

I jumped out of bed and Bastet flew off me with a yowl. I saw the flickering of flames under the bathroom door, our room was ablaze.

Fire, I mentally shouted to everyone in the house then pulled the fire alarm mounted on the wall next to the door.

Everyone follow the escape route and head to the backyard, Albert’s voice boomed in my head.

I put my hand on the door leading to the hallway and opened it when I noticed it was cool to the touch.

“Everyone out, now,” I shouted and held the door for my suite mates. I was about to follow Lily, who was the last out of the room, when a motion at the window caught my eye. I only had a second to wonder what I’d seen before the massive head of a wyvern broke through the window. Glass flew into the room. I was peppered with shrapnel and felt the sting of tiny cuts. Even though I was in my pajamas, I still had my necklace on and was able to reach into the pocket dimension for my bow and a handful of arrows. I notched an arrow on the string and let loose at the same moment they wyvern spat venom at me. Unlike dragons and fire drakes, wyverns spew venom rather than fire and the acidic liquid hit my chest, arms and neck.

I screamed in pain and rage and notched another arrow for another shot. The wyvern had an arrow sticking out of a destroyed eye socket, but the other eye widened in terror as it saw I was prepared to fire again. It wrenched it’s head out of the window before it could spray me again, but only after I buried a second arrow in its throat.

Before I could escape the room, my vision dimmed, and my bow slipped through my nerveless fingers and clattered to the ground. I stood dumbly for a moment trying to figure out how to make my legs move when my knees buckled, and I fell to the floor. The smoke was getting thicker in the room and I struggled to drag myself out of the room. I mentally called out for help because I was having trouble breathing and couldn’t form words. The pain overwhelmed me and I stopped moving.

“Oh, for goodness sake, do I have to do everything?” A voice muttered and I felt hands turning me onto my back. “Hold on, Mkali I’ve got you.”

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