Fierce Protector, Excerpt #6

Damlar 30, 10,258

“Ugggh, I hate history,” Periwinkle exclaimed, “especially Species History.”

“Why?” Lily questioned. “I think it’s kind of cool that Professor Kentauro gave us this project. I’m enjoying seeing all the ways unicorns have contributed to Therian society.”

“That’s easy enough for you, there must be like a thousand unicorns who go to this school,” Periwinkle whined.

“Twelve,” I interjected while continuing to do research on my tablet. I’d learned more in our homeroom classes in the two weeks since the fire than the entire time we’d been at school. It seems Professor Vukod was purposely stifling our education so he could get us expelled for not meeting the standards.

“Fine,” she said as she whirled from her chair, stood and stomped her foot imperiously, “twelve unicorns, but that’s eleven more unicorns than there are pixies. Except for my mom, dad and little brother I don’t know any other pixies, have never met another pixie and don’t know anything about how pixies have made an impact on Theria. I asked my mom for some of our history and I wrote down everything she told me but I just realized that she told me the story of Tinkerbell–Tinkerbell,” she screeched, “do I look like Tinkerbell to you?”

“I wouldn’t answer that if I were you,” Lily muttered, and I shut my mouth. Even though Periwinkle was always a bit high-strung, I could tell this was really bothering her because her face was bright red and she was vibrating with frustration and her pale blonde hair partially came undone from the bun on top of her head. Her eyes were normally bluish green in her human form but were now glowing the ruby color they were when she shifted.

I got up and put my arms around her and Lily came over to join us in a three-way hug. Bastet appeared out of nowhere and rubbed against our legs while purring. I looked down at the cat and laughed internally when she looked at me and rolled her eyes with a smug look on her face.

“Hey,” I crooned, “I didn’t know this bothered you so much. I’m sure if you talk to my mom, she’ll give you an extension on the assignment. It’s not due until we head back to class on Seconday, we have the whole weekend to work on it.”

“It’s not that,” Periwinkle sniffed, backed away from us and sat in her chair so she could wipe her face. Bastet jumped on her lap which calmed Periwinkle as she idly stroked her fur. “It’s just for some reason my parents keep family stories to themselves like it’s some big secret or something. It wasn’t so bad when we were on Earth and there were lots of stories about pixies and fairies but there’s hardly anything here for me to research. I’m sure I’ve got other family around somewhere but whenever I ask about them, Mom and Dad change the subject.”

I bit my lip in thought then searched for a number on my tablet. “I’ve got someone who might be able to help you.” Then smiled when Petalflower’s image appeared on my screen.

“Mkali? Do you know what time it is?” she asked sleepily.

“Sorry, no. It’s about 4 pm here, what time is it in Marsupia?”

She squinted her eyes then grinned sheepishly, “It’s about 9 am. I usually sleep in on Seventhday, but my alarm was about to go off anyway.” I heard a beeping sound and she tapped the tablet. “Well, now that I’m awake, what can I do for you?”

“I’d like to introduce you to my friends. This is Lily and Periwinkle,” I said as I pointed to the girls who waved as I said their names, “we’re roommates this year.”

Petalflower waved back, “You’re lucky to have roommates, Mom’s a bit paranoid so I have to room by myself. It’s nice to meet you two–Periwinkle, are you part of the Rosea clan? You look a lot like Vinca, a friend of mine.”

“Are you a pixie?” Periwinkle gasped.

“Yes, in fact my mom is Brooklyn, Queen of the Pixies—” Petalflower began but was interrupted by a sob from Periwinkle.

“We have a queen?” She gasped and began asking questions rapidly and Petalflower answered just as quickly. Lily and I looked at each other and smiled.

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