Rebellion, Excerpt #1

As we near the editing phase of Rebellion, Dragonborn Series, Book Four, I’m going to start posting excerpts, which hopefully will pique your interest! It seems appropriate to start with the Prologue, to give you a sense of where the story is going.– Brett


I knelt amidst the carnage on the field of battle, weeping over the bodies of my two best friends. Bernie and Shelley had died back to back and even in death, they still held hands. They were surrounded by the bodies of enemy shifters—their attackers had paid with their lives. However, it didn’t matter in the end; everyone was dead.

Hearing a noise behind me, I turned to see a shadowy figure in a hooded cloak holding a golden goblet. I couldn’t see the face of the figure but I knew it wanted me to take the cup and drink. The menacing specter compelled me to move toward it.

My outstretched hand, covered with the blood of my friends, trembled with the effort to fight the compulsion. Helplessly overcome, I took the cup and drained the bittersweet contents. My mouth and throat burned and I could feel the liquid travel into my stomach. The fiery pain was replaced by freezing cold and my limbs became numb. I heard a roar and saw Aileene streaking toward me as I fell to my knees, my vision darkening at the edges.

My eyes were fixed on my mate as a shaft streaked from the ground and struck her in the chest. Even from my position, I could see the life drain from her eyes before she crashed to the ground and lay still. My limbs turned to rubber and I also fell face-first onto the bloody earth. I was roughly flipped onto my back and once again confronted by my faceless enemy, my body void of feeling or strength. My heartbeat faltered and stilled in my chest while my sight faded.

The last thing I heard before slipping into oblivion was one word.


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