Rebellion, Excerpt #2

Planet Theria
Unknown Location

The great beast stirred in its slumber. The cavernous chamber echoed with the dry, rasping sound of its scales rubbing against one another as the beast settled into a more comfortable position. A new scent wafted along the air current in the inky darkness. The beast opened one eye lazily and the cat-like pupil expanded to engulf the faint light that had suddenly appeared above the chamber. 

The beast came fully awake at the harsh clanging of the chains as they rapidly raised the metal portcullis and locked it open, revealing a huddle of frightened animals. The quick movement of the beast belied its size as it stood on its four limbs and roared in challenge. The terrified bleating of animals bounced off the walls as the beast rustled its wings to settle them against its back. It stretched its long, sinuous neck towards the quaking animals. Its gaping maw exposed rows of dagger-like teeth, dripping with saliva in anticipation. With another roar, it spat a gout of flame at the cowering prey which were immediately immolated by the blast.

As it settled down to eat, words drifted from the observation chamber above, “Soon my pet, soon you will feast on other flesh. Eat, and rest,” followed by an evil chuckle.

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