Rebellion, Excerpt #4

Loch Ness, Scotland

We turned to shore after hearing a startled scream followed by a splash and saw Aileene helping Cyndi out of the water where she had fallen. We could hear their laughter from our position.

“I’d better get down there and help her find her brother. I swear, I’ve never met anyone as clumsy as she is,” Brian said affectionately and walked down the stairs.

I looked down at Aileene and smiled as she waved at me, are you coming down? she sent to me.

In a few minutes, I’d like to let Cyndi and Brian try to connect with her brother first. He’s almost to the loch. I sent.

Sounds good, Aileene replied and broke the mental connection as I heard Shelley walk up the stairs.

“So, we’re here at Loch Ness to meet Cyndi’s brother, who she thought was dead?” Shelley asked when he took his place next to me.

“Yep,” I replied.

“And, he’s been coming to Scotland for about a hundred years?”

“That’s right,” I agreed

“And his name is Nestor, but his sister called him Nessie when they were growing up?”

“Right again,” I smiled at his growing impatience and waited for the inevitable.

“Dude, you’re telling me that Cyndi’s brother is the freaking Loch Ness Monster? The monster is real, and he’s been pranking people for a century, this is awesome.”

“I know, right?” I grinned and pointed, “and there he is now.”

In the middle of the lake a head broke the surface of the water and kept rising on a twenty foot long neck. When the entire neck of the creature was out of the water, his humpback broke the surface, too, and I could also see his four flippers just under the surface. Wherever he swam he created whirlpools in his wake.

Cyndi and Brian, Nestor is in the middle of the lake at one o’clock from your current position, I sent to my team. I’m going to ask him to wait where he is.

Nestor, I sent to the plesiosaur shifter, this is High King Alister of Theria please stay where you are, there are some people who want to talk with you.

Yes, Sire, Nestor sent back, and he stopped moving forward. I watched Cyndi and Brian slip into the water and start making their way to where Nestor was waiting.

“C’mon Shelley, let’s meet the others and wait on the shore until the family reunion is over.”

* * *

“How did you know I’d be here?” Nestor asked while we sat around the fire I’d made on the shore of Loch Ness.

“That was King Alister’s doing,” Cyndi explained as she bumped her brother’s shoulder with her own. “He can connect with any shifter on a planet and he could sense you were coming here. Besides, Brian helped me put the clues together that you’ve been playing the Loch Ness Monster for a century.”

Nestor laughed. “It started innocently enough but once I started, I couldn’t help myself; it’s so funny to see the humans react whenever they catch sight of me.”

“How did it start?” Shelley asked with a grin.

Nestor’s face fell and Cyndi put her arm around him in a hug. “Dad and I were working on one of his experiments when there was an explosion and the building collapsed on top of us.”

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