Reunite-Excerpt #2

King Alister

Palace Conference Room

My father began his report.

“One of the things Beatrice and I did on our vacation was attempt to locate our people who headed to other parts of the Kingdom of Theria when Dimitri invaded. We wanted to let them know it was safe to return home if they wanted to, but we mostly wanted to make sure everyone was okay. Since the shield around the kingdom prevented anyone from entering or leaving for thirteen years, we figured there was a good chance we could track everyone down.”

“To be fair, we overestimated our ability to locate everyone quickly. Our plan was to spend three months searching and three months lounging on a warm beach down south. It took us the full six months to locate everyone we could.” Mother added.

“We’ll head down to the beach as soon as we can,” Father promised and smiled at Mother.

“I’ll hold you to that Phillip,” she purred.

“Oh brother, you two are as bad as they are,” I said and jerked my thumb in the direction where my other parents were sitting. “Before we get too far off topic, were you able to locate the missing shifters?”

“Yes and no,” he responded. “We were able to locate almost everyone who fled from this part of the kingdom but there are still some who are unaccounted for. As you can see from the report I’m sending to your screen, there are many shifters missing. Everyone we spoke with remembered seeing them around the palace before the big day, but no one can recall seeing them again after that.”

Shelley raised his hand. “Can’t you just connect to all the shifters using that connecting tendril thingy Alister does?”

I’d explained to everyone in the room about my ability to connect to other shifters across the planet using power I had been given as High King. Even though Shelly asked the question in his usual way, I was curious about the answer as well.

“No,” my father replied. “Once Alister accepted the role of High King, many of the abilities I possessed when I was High Kings transferred to him. I’m no longer able to connect to other shifters with power, just like I’m no longer able to open any dimensional gates, either on Theria or other dimensions.”

“And we couldn’t be happier about that,” my mother added seeing the discomfort on my face. “We ruled Theria for centuries and are relieved to be able to act as advisors for the High King.”

Thank you, I sent to her.

You’re welcome son, your father and I love you and really are pleased you’re King now. It’ll give us more time to play, she smiled though our mental connection.

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