Scales of Justice Excerpt #1

July 8

Indian Ocean

250 Nautical Miles Southeast of Tasmania

A tentacle hit my chest and slammed me into the side of a
wooden ship hard enough that I crashed through the side and
into the hold.

Hey, I mentally shouted as I righted myself and tried to get
back into the fight.

Sorry about that, Brian called, and the tentacle withdrew.

Are you okay? Jason asked and stuck his head through the

No worries, I answered with a smile, I got hurt worse the
last time I fell down the stairs at the house

You mean last week, before we started this adventure?
Brian called with humor in his mental sending.

I’m not talking to you, you big oaf. But I am trying to
figure out how much calamari I could make out of a kraken,
said as I swam towards the opening on the side of the ship,
slowing down only long enough to give Jason a kiss and grab
the trident I had dropped when I slammed into the wooden

C’mon Cyndi, I already said I was sorry, Brian laughed,
besides, I think I’ve got this beastie wrapped now—oops, no I

Jason grabbed my hand, and we swam away from the ship
and back to where Brian was trying to keep the nekahi from
swimming away. It was amazing to see two legendary
creatures struggling with each other, but as a mermaid I
suppose something like that shouldn’t surprise me. I laughed
at the sight of a massive kraken wrestling with a fifty-foot sea
serpent. Even though Brian was four times the size of the
nekahi, he was trying to keep from hurting the animal while
the serpent didn’t have that same consideration for him.

The nekahi had greenish-brown kelp-colored scales on the
upper half of its sinuous body but the scales on its underside
were a pale blue. It was smooth like a serpent, but it did have a
feathery dorsal fin running along the length of its back. Its
huge, emerald eyes were on either side of a diamond-shaped
head and its huge mouth, full of triangular razor-sharp teeth,
could open wide enough to hold an adult dolphin. It was a
beautiful, majestic and terrifying creature.

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