Scales of Justice-Excerpt #2

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Planet Theria

Kingdom of Cetacea

Palace Communications Room

“That was the longest two hundred miles of my life. While it would normally take me less than an hour to swim the distance, it took us a full day to get the creature back home. With all due respect, the next time you ask me to help capture an escaped nekahi I’m going say something that will get me banished. So I’m apologizing ahead of time,” I said to King Alister as I finished my report on how we managed to get the nekahi through the gate and back to Theria.

“Surely you must be exaggerating the difficulties,” Josef said. The large communication screen was split in two and King Alister’s image was on the right and Josef’s was on the left. Josef was the CEO of Rex Industries and the head of the Tionchar organization on Earth. 

I narrowed my eyes at the screen and took a deep breath before I answered. Not only was Josef my boss, he was also my friend. I had only recently joined the secret organization and I really liked being part of an organization that tried to make Earth a better place. “Imagine a fifty-foot toddler, hopped up on so much sugar it had syrup rather than blood running through its veins then give it a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and give it the worst case of ADD you’ve ever seen. Are you imagining that?” I asked and the two men on screen nodded. “Double that and you might be able to imagine a little bit about what it was like.

I sat back and sipped my tea and felt the healing elixir soothe my ravaged throat. Even with my accelerated healing as a shifter, I was still sore from having to sing as long as I did. Every time I tried to take a break, the nekahi would start to struggle so I had to sing again. 

“The way I hear it, you cried when the nekahi was released back into the wild,” Alister teased.

“She was so cute,” I sighed.

“And some of the palace guards had to intervene when it looked like the animal was going to come back and attack the ones who had worked so hard to keep it safe,” Josef added with a grin.

“I never said Cora was perfect, I just said she was cute,” I shrugged.

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