Writing in the era of COVID-19

Like many of you, I’ve been experiencing an extra measure of fatigue so it’s been harder to be creative. I love my profession and get to help a lot of people but know part of caring for others is also making sure I take time for self-care. That’s not always easy to do.

I started writing in earnest about eight months ago and it has been a wonderful way for me to recharge. However, lately it has been more of a chore. Sometimes I have a problem giving myself the same grace I would give to someone else facing the same thing. I’ve been frustrated with my lack of productivity and inability to write as much as I have in the past. I finally realized that wasn’t healthy for me.

I decided to give myself a bit more grace and go back to my commitment to writing something every day, even if it is just a sentence. This week has been more productive and I’m feeling better about what I’ve been able to accomplish. I may not get as much writing done as I want, but I’m almost finished with chapter two of Rebellion-Dragonborn Book 4, so that’s good.

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2 thoughts on “Writing in the era of COVID-19”

  1. Brett, as your editor, I think it would help for your readers to understand the process better, which will help them understand why you’re experiencing the struggles you mentioned.

    For those of you who are not indie authors like Brett, here are some things you should know.

    First, the actual writing of a novel is a learning experience. No one just sits down and pounds out the Great American Novel. It takes time for an author to discover his voice, harness his talent and slip into a comfortable pace that will endure the long haul. It’s a journey, not a sprint.

    Second, an independent author doesn’t have the support that traditionally published authors do; a publisher who provides all of the following:
    1. An editor
    2. Proof readers (what we call beta readers)
    3. Marketing
    4. Financial support (advances based on projected sales, which in turn are based on the effort to market the book)
    5. Assistance with everything from book signings to handling fan mail

    The independent author must do all of these things personally, or hire the work done (which can be very expensive). It takes time and expertise to develop a website, set up advertising campaigns on Amazon, pay for advertising in print and digital media to gain exposure for your work and to maintain a constant relationship with fans, mostly through social media.

    All of that time and work, although necessary, takes away time the author would rather spend writing, which is his true passion. Dreaming, scheming, plotting and planning the existence of the characters that live in your head and telling their stories in an engaging way is what pushes the author out of bed and into the chair in front of the computer.

    It’s not about making a million bucks. Most indie authors never break even; sales never surpass expenses, much less provide a reasonable income to make a living. Yet they continue to follow their dreams. It’s their nature. It’s what they do. As many authors will tell you, a writer writes.

    Add to all the above the fact that most indie authors, like Brett, also have a full-time job, family obligations and struggle through crisis after crisis, such as we’re experiencing now with COVID-19. Being an artist, writer or any form of creative being is hard work. The final product you see, so polished and presentable, is the fruit of such labor. Don’t think for a minute that it’s easy; it isn’t!

    In my opinion, Brett started off at a sprint (three books published in nine months is quite an accomplishment), but is settling into his long-term stride that will maintain its own momentum. The time and effort shows in his work, which is only getting better.

    If you like an author’s work, please take time to share it with friends and family, leave reviews in social media, send emails of support to the author and most of all, buy his books! It’s only through these forms of support that an author can continue to grow. And besides, a pat on the back now and then is a great way to show your appreciation.

    Joe Scholes

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